V-Rally (also known as Need for Speed: V-Rally in North America[1]) is a 1997 rally racing video game, developed by Eden Studios for the PlayStation and published by Infogrames. The budget Platinum re-release of the PlayStation version added support for DualShock controllers.

V-Rally Edition '99, a Nintendo 64 and PC port of the game, was released in 1999, offering slightly improved graphics and menus. A sequel to V-Rally, V-Rally 2, was also released in the same year.

In both games, players can race in eight locations:


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  1. The North American release of the game is tagged with an additional "Need for Speed" prefix after Electronic Arts acquired the rights to publish the game in the United States in order to help sales of the game, due to the fact that rally racing held little support in the U.S.Template:Fact As such, it should be noted that the game was not originally intended to be part of the Need for Speed series; neither the game's development was done by Electronic Arts Canada (which at the time was the primary developer of the Need for Speed series), nor was it developed in as association with Electronic Arts in any way. The Need for Speed prefix was reused for the North American release of V-Rally 2 and dropped in V-Rally 3.

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